Kamis, 26 November 2009

Just wanna You Know and Let me try my best :))

Let Me try my Best
If only you could read my heart ..
If only you could read my mind
how glad I .. because you'll know how I feel.
althought you dont love me

how long I should wait for you?
until when I have to keep all these feelings?
until when I could only see you from far away?
until when I cried over this feeling?
What till I die?
I want you to know this feeling.
This love killing me slowly ..
although this feeling is always
cut each layer of my heart
I still hope you can heal the hurt
incision is still stinging

Please, dont close your eyes.. let you see me

dont close your ears, let you listen to me

dont close your heart, let me enter in..
and the most important,
dont close yourself
before you know HOW I love you and try my best :))

2 komentar:

  1. Nice!

    That words make me being touched

    and that is seem with what i've feeling to someone

  2. heheh ... :)
    i think so .. :)