Senin, 12 April 2010

Little About ME :)

Your Cell Phone? BB CURVE White gift from my Bestie, "Tommy" and Nokia 5800 red :)

Your Hair? Hmm... ga hitam-hitam banget, ga pirang juga . haha :D

Your Mother? My number one HERO... she is a wonderwoman for ME .. althought she is a grumpy ! upss.. hahaha :D

Your Father? actually, i hate him ! yeah .. for a few private reason sih .. a scary man .. i don't like to talk with HIM x(

Your Favorite Food? Of course, Fried Rice and French Fries... hahaha .. everywhere i go ! :D and Chocolate !

Your Favorite Drink? Cold mineral water ! it's must !! then Iced tea , lemon tea, chocolate milkshake, Milk and Coffee ! :)

Your Dream/Goal? A LOT . but first I want to become a Paediatric or Obgyn Doctor. Like most of my extended family of a doctor! :), wanna be a Writter! haha .. i was a lot of novels and short stories pilled in the house, wanna be Photografer! wanna be Musician .. playing the piano, biola and guitar and Wanna be Missionaris..!

What Room Are You In now? Bedroom

Your Hobby? Editing photo ! :) Reading , writing , watching ! :) , travelling , browsing :) and many more :D

Your Fear? Ghost !! ahhaha :D but i like watching a scary movie ! especially with all my Besties . Gripping but interesting, then a Spider !! hiiihh !! xP i hate this so much than anything !!! and somethings that shape meetings . xp !

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? haha, a future doctor with kind-hearted! amiin ~_~ and a beatiful lady! xD haha

Where Were You Last Night? still in my Bedroom

Something That You Aren't? belajar mati-matika , fisika dan kimia ! it wasn't ME !! hahaha :D

Muffins? yeah .. bolehlah ! i like to eat muffin with coffee . :) thats nice .

Wish List Item? Honda All new Civic ! :) and a luxury big house

Where Did You Grow Up? Medan-Medan-Medan ... till die always here ! xp

Last Thing You Did? Wrote my novel

What Are You Wearing? T-shirt and short pants

Your TV? LED - samsung ! :)

Your Pets? Sissy Seraphina .. my beautiful and smart cat !! :)

Friends? They are my Everthing after my God, my Family :)

Your Life? Good ... nothing especially to tell .. but i'm happy :)

Your Mood? Unpredictabel . bisa marah .. 10 menit lagi udah ketawa ..

Missing Someone? Ya .. my grandma at heaven .. miss u grandma ! :( and many of people !

Vehicle? Punya orang tua semua :)

Something You Aren't Wearing? celana motif kotak-kotak . argh .. norak banget !

Your Favorite Store? SUN plaza

Your Favorite Color? White ... :) , yellow, baby blue , red , purple , black

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? hm .. aku terus tertawa ! melihat sesuatu yang orang bilang ga lucu, aku bisa tertawa .. mpe di bilang gila .. tapi itulah aku :) makanya seneng bangeeeet bisa gabung sama orang" yang kocak

Last Time You Cried? Thursday ..

Your Best Friend? Puspita , Tommy , The Doctors Community

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? my house, my grandma balige's house .. , Bali

Facebook? Ya ... punya donk ! :) baik buat menghabiskan waktu kalo bosan :)

Favorite Place To Eat? Yang sejuk , nyaman . Apalgi dekat pantai dengan angin semilir dan lampu redup ! hu .. xD

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