Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Birthday Surprise ! Sweet 18th from the doctors !

Well, This posting was a week after my birthday! :p
and just now I uploaded! hahaa ... please understand, I'm busy! I have to shoot, meet fans, shooting, zzzz ... # oh no! it's a big lie #: p

20 March 2011 . 06.30 Am
It's so precious SUPRISE in my life !!! :D thanks the Doctors !

The Doctor's Girl

My Birthday cake "Sweet 18"

Kalau menyuap terlalu nafsu, begini nih...!

With Heri
With Samuel ! 

With Nata

WHERE's when i'm with tina?!
Lebih baik lewatkan poto ini.

18 March 2011
together with Martina's birthday

*Manusia primitif di zaman modern

4 Janda

Base of C-03

Salah upload.. -_-"

Benar-benar seperti pengungsi

yay, itu adalah rumahku.. *rumah-rumahan*

and i thank to you all, guys !! Heri, Natalia, Kevin, Yabes, Martina, Samuel! *so much* 
it's very suprised me ! *wait for my revenge!* hahaha :p

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