Sabtu, 02 April 2011

God hear my prayer...

I hope to meet my FATHER in heaven and hug him very closely. I miss it so much than anything, 
If you can see these images more clearly and sensitive, you'll know what I feel.

only one is still I believe, Jesus is always with me

Sings : ♥ Walau kini ku menabur benih
sambil mencucurkan air mata
ku percaya...
suatu saat, ku kan menuai berasnya.. 
sambil bersorak-sorai... ♥

What's the colour of Loneliness and Sadness? 

Listen Me, FATHER..
Don't leave me like this ...
It's really really hurt.
So sad ,when someone who had long been with you, 
but don't know who are you. Moreover, it is your family.

what I and my family live now, so heavy. 
We Never able, if God is not with us.
I just want to be HAPPY in this life (in fact it was hard)
Jesus i know You hear me now

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