Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

My Short Letter to GOD II ♥

God, my parents always told me I was a stupid girl...... ☹

I can not do anything.

I was a child that is not useful, they shouted at me as shit and pig's child.

Since childhood I was always beaten, humiliated, ignored by them.

To me their words are so harsh, but for them it is something funny.

They aren't only make hurt my physical but also my heart ! and plus they are always fight almost every day!

maybe i'm gonna be crazy soon, God.

Father, I haven't been able to prove anything to them.

I'm still confused, what are my legs going right?

and wouldn't be something that I regret one day?

Not I'm not thankful for the life that You have given. I just feel very depressed, almost every day.

But can they stop talking, being rude and curse me like that ?!


No child wants to make their parents feel ashamed..!

They don't know the feeling, how it feels to be someone who feels FOREIGN in her own home.

Too many holes they make in my heart. 
Holes that can not be cured by anything, except by the touch of thy Father.
Not only my parents, but my friends and people around me... too bad to me.
I felt alone in this world, without You Lord
Can You take me home now?

I'm not giving up, but I was tired ....
I want together with you in Heaven, to serve you fully
coz You are my greatest and holly Father

I know, I'm not a good girl...
 but if You also look at me like that, maybe i'm no longer exists in this world, but in the hell.
You're a Father who doesn't see a way, wealth and all my weaknesses. precisely in YOU, I became perfectly

They're my parents, but actually they don't know who I am.

I don't like the way they treated me....

P. S: 1. God, You are my life. Don't ever leave me alone in this world. Everyone here is so bad.
2. I forgive them and give them also YOUR forgiveness. ☺

Your Daughter♥


2 komentar:

  1. Sabar ya. Kita gak jauh berbeda, rahel.
    Kuatkanlah hatimu, lewati setiap pencobaan. Tuhan masih sanggup mengubahkan hidupmu :)
    Tuhan Yesus memberkati

  2. tuhan ga akan membiarkan iblis untuk mencobai anak nya melebihi batas kemampuan qta,semakin besar masalah yg qta hadapi,smakin besar berkat tuhan yg dikasi stelah qta melewat masalah besar itu...dan kemampuan qta bertambah