Senin, 27 Agustus 2012

Tropicana Slim - Remember our sweet moments

Aaa so romantic...

Part I

Will you remember our sweet moments
and cherished them the way I do
How we spent our special moments together
How we used to share it all...

Will you remember me the way
I remember you..
Will you be the same
The last time I saw you, you are the sweetest
Every moment with you is the sweetest one..

Part II

I still remember our sweet stories and treasure all your presence
How we share our happiness, anytime and anywhere
how we let our hearts be strong

I still remember you as sweet
Keep our strong heart, I still be the same
No matter how lonely no matter how uneasy
But I'm sure that one day our heart will find a way

Ditembak pakai lagu ini atau lagu soundtrack titanic di tepi pantai, dipersiapkan meja, lilin-lilin, pakai mawar putih...... aaaaaww! :')) Perempuan mana yang nggak melted! hahaha

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